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For twenty-five years Humble Mill made high-temperature stoneware. Colors for decorating were limited. To get more of the colors she longed for, in 1995 Charlotte changed to mid-range stoneware and to fire only electric. Charlotte's work reminds many people of majolica or faience. While similar in spirit, those styles are usually low-temperature earthenware with decoration painted on top of a white glaze. The difference is that Humble Mill Pottery starts on a harder, dark clay body; white slip is painted onto the body. Decoration is painted onto the slip, and then each piece is dipped into a clear glaze and fired. It is durable and long-lasting tableware. The pieces have a good vitreous ring to them, are food safe, and can go into the microwave and dishwasher.

The colors and decoration look old. They remind people of French, English, Portuguese or Italian pottery. Other people can see a "Japanese view of nature" that is still somehow a part of it. It is cheery to have around.

Her designs include big coral red roses with tulips and blue day flowers; deep pink roses with soft green, yellow tulips and little blue flowers; bold cobalt borders with yellow narcissus; purple iris with willow branches and lots of birds - bluebirds, cardinals, robins and goldfinches.

Charlotte's colors and techniques are so distinctive her work is recognized by pottery lovers immediately wherever they see it.

Charlotte has two sons who turn for her, and a daughter and daughter-in-law who paint and do sculpture. Her gallery and workshop are in a century-old house in downtown Seagrove.

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