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Please call 336-509-1509 to order.

These are the designs I am doing now.

Big Red Roses / Yellow tulips and blue flowers
Small Pink Roses / Yellow tulips and blue flowers
Purple Iris / Willow branches, tiny blue flowers and one pink rose
Yellow Band / Cobalt rim with tine blue flowers and pink roses
Birds / Eastern Bluebird, Robin, Goldfinch, Cardinal with varied foliage
Blue and White / Often with a willow tree
Cobalt Rim / Yellow Narcissus
Plates / All of the above designs.
Bonnie Bowls / Pictured here with blue morning glories. On the Samples page is an example of the Lilac Bowl. Also I do a Red Poppy Bowl. These are all approximately 9" wide and 4" tall

In addition, Bird plates with a broad yellow band in which there are medallions that contain a branch with little blue flowers

Approximate Prices
These can change depending on the individual pieces, size or quality.

Plates (Diner & Luncheon)$59 - $69
Soup/Cereal/Salad bowls$38 - $52
Mugs & Cups$38 - $45
    Bird$48 - $55
Batter Bowls (2 sizes)$55 - $65
Flower Bowls (bonnie bowls)$85 - $95
Pasta Bowls (several sizes)$45 - $125
Platters formed from slabs$85 - $357

Packing & Shipping

I take your order to my local shipper. He packs it and gives me the best prices available

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